Our life



Your pride

Was a ghost between you and me

And what was I hoping for

I was waiting for you,

You were waiting for me

And time has passed,

Has drained our hearts

And stolen them away from us


Our little life,

Our great life,

It was everything,

Everything to us


My tears, stones from a cloudy sky

That no one will ever dry

My sorrow, my hope in the past

I feel the fear of the future,

Love that lasts forever

It’s just a memory,

A blunder, a lie,

‘Cause nothing lasts forever






You left me alone,

And with your angry heart

You just said these words,

 “Baby, it’s all your fault!”


Everything is changing,

Everything but me,

How can this summer night be so blue?

I lost my ring, my hope, my faith, my love,

Forever gone…

Forever gone…


What do you want my baby,

What do you want my love,

Leave me or love me,

That’s the only way




copywrite by Dafne Franzoni 2015