Once in a while, but not very often, Italy offers some uniquely talented female singers/songwriters, and Dafne is one of those.


Born and raised in northern Italy, she decided to immerse herself in a very diverse musical background: being deeply inspired by artists like The Velvet Underground, Tom Waits, Patti Smith and (later on) PJ Harvey and Radiohead, it’s not so surprising that her deeply emotional music doesn’t sound at all as a “Made in Italy product” (and not only because she notably writes and sings in english). Nevertheless this is a powerful album full of drama and melancholy.


A musical poetess, with a fascinating voice that is thrilling as her dark and melancholic lyrics, Dafne’s second album “The Rest Of Me” is the first featuring ten all original songs penned by herself. Produced, recorded and mixed at Solid Groove Studio near Bergamo by Paolo Filippi, the new album showcases intimate, yet extremely accurate, acoustic arrangements framing the singer’s emotionally intense performances.


Dafne accompaigned herself playing guitalele (a six-strings ukulele), piano and assorted percussions and leading a small group of very talented professional musicians with a very diverse background in pop, rock, folk, jazz and classical music. Behind her voice you’ll find also assorted acoustic guitars (Paolo Filippi), cellos (Antonio Leofreddi), accordion (Diego Zanoli), bass (Paolo Legramandi), double bass (Yuri Goloubev, Massimo Moriconi), drums (Sergio Pescara) and assorted percussions (Cisco Portone).



 If you compare this album to her critical acclaimed debut CD “Some Tales” (RNC Music, released in early 2012) you’ll notice that she has absolutely taken the next big step. That was a surprising collection of acoustic interpretations of (mostly obscure) songs by Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Brian Eno, Eddie Vedder, David Bowie, Lou Reed, and many others. “Some Tales” received very good reviews and Dafne’s version of “Venus in Furs” (see official videoclip)  got also significant airplay on selected Italian radio networks (Radio Monte Carlo, Popolare Network).


Focussing on her seductive but threatening voice and intimate lyrics, Dafne's musical vision is still growing and constantly evolving. “The Rest Of Me” is an album as it was made from one piece: it leaves its marks but also inspires your soul and ends in deepest satisfaction




copywrite by Dafne Franzoni 2015